The Independent Queens of Twitter

One of the final classes I that I had taken at Southern New Hampshire University was a Social Medial platform building course for aspiring authors. I learned a lot, and it was that class that birthed this site!

The course also introduced me to Twitter and how it can be used to gain an audience. Oh boy, that was the beginning of a serious social media addiction. Not to brag.. but I have a whole 265 followers. I’m practically Twitter famous at this point.

It was thanks to Twitter that I have been introduced to the world of independent authors, and I am loving it. There are so many passionate people contributing to this underappreciated area of writing. I’m not going to lie. Some of the independent authors that I have read were a miss, which has been fun in its own way. I’m learning what I want to do as a writer, and especially what I shouldn’t do.

When you find an author who is amazingly awesome, it’s like finding buried treasure.

42583625_1158727350941870_1292351171125575680_n.jpgOne treasure of an author that I found is Carla De Guzman. I read The Queen’s Game and instantly loved the dynamic set of characters she wrote about. Nina is a strong woman who feels insecure about leading, and Felipe is a super smart and incredibly deserving leader in his own right. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the situations that Guzman presented to them.

She has a new novel, How She Likes It, coming out October 1st. Just putting this here for those that may be interested .




And see.. it’s ROMANCE! I don’t usually read romance! So, on top of experiencing new authors, I’m branching into other genres!

Guzman Quote.jpg

If you love Independent Authors, or happen to be one yourself, please comment below so you these books can get some well deserved recognition!



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