I am incredibly nerdy, like buy a $60 Lego set so that I can build my own Tardis. However, I am secretly afraid of the weeping angels.

You can only keep your eyes open for so long!


I am a bookworm. I am also a book peddler. I will find a way to insist that you read a specific book because our conversations usually make me yearn for some paperback world that I desperately miss.

I get really excited when people refer books that they think I will like. Those are my people.


ATC7I like to cross stitch. I find it incredibly therapeutic, and it makes me feel productive when I am really being lazy. Hours of television sounds like you’re being a couch potato until you can impressively show off a new bookmark or Christmas card.


I am the wife of an Active Duty Submariner. I wouldn’t be half of the nerd that I am if it weren’t for him. He’s my live action Kiaju.


Together we have two amazing kids, who are both awesome… and at times scary. We are raising them under a democratic style of parenting we call “The Family Senate.” It is where each member in the house has an equal voting right, and the kids are present in every decision and rule making part of the house. I’m a firm believer that true leaders shouldn’t be above the rules that govern those they lead. I also believe that those who have a say in the rules are more likely to follow them. Our success rate is probably at 75%..

People with power have a hard time relinquishing it sometimes.


I work part time as an Educational Assistant for the local community college. It is the best job ever! I have an amazing set of coworkers who are equally passionate about learning and talking about scholarly nerdy stuff.  However, I often feel that I am like Eleanor from The Good Place. I don’t think that I am half as smart as everyone else holding the same position.

I also work part time a publishing company called Wordco.Inc, which specializing in creating indexes for non-fiction published works. It is an amazing opportunity to get experience working with authors and publishing companies. I love getting to help published authors put the final touches on their work.

30629883_10155458579866570_2594235301337497600_o.jpgOh and the credentials: In the summer of 2022, I warned a Masters in English from Southern New Hampshire University. Additionally, I graduated in 2018 from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelors in Creative Writing and English. I also hold an Associates in General Studies as well as a Certificate in Women’s Studies from Three Rivers Community College, where I graduated as the top Humanities Student of 2016. I also am proud to report that I was one of the very first recipients of the “Lavender Award” which was presented to me in May of 2018 by S.A.G.E. and S.I.G.M.A for my tenacious advocacy of LGBTQIA+ support on campus.

That’s me! Feel free to Contact Me if there are other questions you’re yearning to know, like my preference for Marvel or DC, if I like tea or coffee…

Ya know, those burning soul mate types of questions!

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