Children of the Planes

Getting through a parent’s deployment is hard enough…… Maybe it is the lack of video games or the fact that he is not used to being outside for such lengthy periods of time, but Zane finds himself under constant surveillance of an alien named Jax. Jax never stops talking, trying to convince Zane that it is able to travel to an Inner Plane of the universe where an Aged is King is destroying civilization to find his lost jewel. Jax has plenty of stories to share about how the children of the Inner Plane are fighting back: An orphan forced work in the textile factories within the Walled Cities who learns to read. A warrior girl of the Arikara Tribes that reunites her people with the Great Herd. An elemental boy who rescues a baby bear from wolves and learns they share a special connection. The youngest sea captain who crashes on an island that reveals memories that had been purposely taken from him. Should Zane believe Jax, or is he going crazy?

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