Works In Progress

Children of the Planes.jpg The complete rough draft of Children of the Planes is complete and this piece is currently in its revision stage!



Zane is in for the worst summer of his life! He’s faced with his father deploying on a submarine for seven months and spending his entire summer in electronic lock down, thanks to his old school Granny. Maybe it’s video game withdrawal, or the fact that he is not used to being outside for such lengthy periods, but he finds himself under constant surveillance of a fox named Jax. Or, well it looks like a fox, with its pointed ears and bushy tail, but it walks on its hind legs, has green fur, and talks! In fact, Jax never stops talking, trying to convince Zane that it is an alien and able to travel to an inner plane of the universe where an Aged In King is destroying civilization to find his lost jewel.

Despite the terror of the King’s madness, Jax has plenty of stories to share about how the children of the Inner Plane are fighting back:

A boy forced work in the textile factories within the Royal City who learns to read

A girl of the Arikara Tribes that reunites her people with the Great Herd

A  boy who learns that he is one of the rare lost Elementals who ruled before the Aged King

A thirteen-year-old boy and the youngest sea captain  who crashes on an island and must fight for his life against hungry monstrous creatures protecting a dark item.


Can Zane survive this troublesome summer, or is he already crazy?


CHILDREN OF THE PLANES is a middle grade fantasy novel geared towards readers ages eight to twelve.